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Filmmakers always have a clear vision of how they’d like people to react to their work. And music is the perfect vehicle guide the emotional direction of an audience.

Hiring a film composer is a very unsettling moment for filmmakers as it is usually the first time they have little to no control over the creative direction of their work.

Regular and open communication is vital for a film maker / composer relationship to work. When all is said and done, the film music score should elevate the picture and hold no surprises … for the director.

The creative process involved in designing sound for film is quite similar to composing a score. The sound designer fills in the sonic blanks and reinforces audio in a film by creating a soundtrack that is intended to be synchronized with picture.

The primary job of on-set microphones is to capture dialogue. The rest of the audio soundscape is up to the sound designer in post production. Being able to imagine and create a scene’s audio that is believable and expected is an endeavour that involves a great imagination, a good ear and attention to detail.

The best compliment a sound designer can get is to not have his or her work noticed.

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