We were working under a strict deadline which Dave was able to meet, allowing us to make our broadcast date.

Dave was a pleasure to deal with, he was attentive and understanding, and the revision process was a breeze. Dave seems to have a real knack for feeling out a scene and hitting just the right beats with his score. I certainly look forward to working with Dave again.

Michael Dawson - Director
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Mixing is an art and a science. It’s a process that takes years of experience to do competently and well.

When it comes to mixing your tracks and making them sound like a “record” it’s well worth the money and time to let someone with the experience, gear and facility to do it right.

After your tracks have been recorded I offer professional audio mixing from start to finish. We’ll discuss the sound you’re looking for, listen to any artist references you have, and then, start to mix your songs. Along the way we’ll work closely together to achieve the sound you’re looking for and give your hard work the best chance it has to reach the most people.

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Agreat music score will lead an audience to your intended emotional destination – without them being aware of it.

Music has the power to articulate, change and manipulate a viewers’ frame of reference to a story by connecting the audience directly to the feelings the director or producer intended.

I am comfortable and proficient at composing and producing music that covers a wide range of styles and genres.

I work closely with you to elicit the emotion, atmosphere and mood of the entire arc of your project. Whether you already have a pre-defined idea of the soundtrack “sound” or you’re looking for suggestions, I work to ensure that the music I compose supports and enhances your art.

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Music is the language of human emotions and every song has the potential to tap into one or many of those emotions.

Good production and arranging are the tools and processes by which your songs can be shaped to connect the emotions you injected into your art with the emotions of your audience.

My style as a Music Producer is to expand on an artists existing creativity through arrangement, lyric, and rhythmic or melodic assistance as needed. Whether it be a simple intimate arrangement or a full-blown re-mix, I’ll work with you to guide, assist and help you mold your song into something that will beg to be heard again and again.

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